Trauma Recovery

Trauma 1

Some events in life are hard to process.

Traumatic events in your life can continue to impact you long after the experience. Dealing with that trauma can affect you mentally and physically.

Long after trauma, people can display continuing emotional reactions such as fearfulness, anxiety, depression, irritability, confusion, or constantly feeling on guard or vulnerable. Current events or situations can trigger a reoccurring memory of that traumatic event, causing us to find ways (e.g., isolation, reliance on substances) to minimize the effects.

For those who experience the long-term effects of trauma, failure to seek help only increases and prolongs the emotional distress and impacts every aspect of their daily lives. Therapy can help you process that experience and learn ways to cope as you strive to live a life free from that past event.

Trauma 2

We can help you process your trauma.

At Wicker Psychotherapy, many of our therapists are particularly interested in helping people heal from traumatic experiences.

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event. Trauma symptoms can come in many forms, from flashbacks to sleep disturbance to strained relationships. If you feel you are struggling with a traumatic event in your life, we can guide you in ways to overcome the trauma.

We can help you develop a strategy for coping with that past event as you acknowledge the experience and your emotional responses.

Our process is collaborative and focuses on empowering you to take control and heal from that traumatic event.

Let’s work to reduce the impact, so you can live the life you deserve and put the past in the past.