Life Transitions

Life Transitions 1

Facing transitions in life is challenging.

What’s the next step? You retired from a rewarding and challenging career and now face the next chapter in your life. Filling that void with something meaningful is not easy.

Losing a friend, partner, or someone important in your life is hard. Your life will be different, and it’s unimaginable to contemplate how you can recover from such a loss.

The children are grown, left home, and have independent lives, making you and your partner “empty nesters.” How will this impact your relationship?

1945041148 1Life guarantees change.

But that doesn’t make it any easier to face the transitions.

A powerful sense of loss can often accompany life transitions. The list of changes goes on and on and may include healing from the end of a relationship, living in a new city, adjusting to life with a new baby, or grieving the loss of loved ones.

Therapy can provide support as you deal with the transitions you face. At Wicker Psychotherapy, our therapists are here to provide the help you need as you adjust to your new reality. We offer a safe, confidential space where you can freely discuss your fears and uncertainties about this transition.

Often simply having a space to talk or cry and express how you feel can help you feel lighter and can help you to understand the nature of your pain better.

If you are struggling with a recent life transition, we are here to help.