How does remote therapy work exactly?
We utilize the HIPAA-compliant platform called Doxy.me. Your therapist will send a link to your email a few minutes before your session. All you need to do is click on the link, and your therapist will be waiting for you.
What form of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards as our primary form of payment.
Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we do. We are in-network with Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS).
Do you have a sliding scale?
Yes, we do! Please ask our office staff more about our sliding scale.
How do I schedule my first session?

So, you’re thinking about starting therapy. That’s great! The easiest way to start the process is by emailing us at reception@wickerpsychotherapy.com or calling us at (212) 405-2685.

We will do everything possible to get back to you the same day, although if we get backed up, please expect to hear from us within 48 hours.

Do you have a no-show or cancellation policy?
Yes. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. We are strict about this policy because we believe it creates a more positive, reliable, and respectful work environment for our therapists. We hope you understand.
What is psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is a fancy name for talk therapy. Talk therapy can help you better understand yourself, heal from past emotional wounds, and grow in various ways, to name a few!
How long will I be in therapy?

You ask a great question, and the answer is different for everybody. Our best estimate is 6-12 months. But once you begin therapy, your therapist may better understand how long you might benefit from therapy.

Therapy is not a forever type of thing. Our goal is to help you get in and out, so you can go and live your best life.

Are therapy sessions confidential?

Absolutely. Your therapy sessions are confidential, and we will provide you with a copy of our HIPAA policy before you begin treatment.

We will only break confidentiality if we believe you are a risk to yourself or others.