Couples Therapy

Couple 2

Maintaining a healthy, lasting relationship is complicated.

Initially, your relationship can seem perfect and full of love, but life and time can impact any relationship.

Having children, a mortgage, financial challenges, or a demanding job can impact a relationship. Sometimes, couples cease to communicate or place unwanted demands on each other.

A discussion might result in unproductive arguments driving couples further apart. Couples can benefit from couples therapy by having a safe space to work through complex issues with an understanding and neutral party.

Couples may want to preempt conflicts down the road by improving communication skills now or finding a resolution to current challenges. Couples therapy is advantageous for both situations.

Couple 3Couples therapy helps maintain a healthy relationship.

In couples therapy, a therapist works with both partners once a week for 45 minutes to help them better understand their patterns, conflicts, and dynamics.

During these sessions, we emphasize the importance of understanding each other’s point of view as it relates to the problem. Gaining insight can help couples learn methods that improve understanding and communication in their interactions.

Your couples therapist at Wicker Psychotherapy will work hard to understand your unique experience while simultaneously working on behalf of your relationship by facilitating open and honest communication between you and your partner.

Don’t let conflicts build. All relationships require maintenance, and we can help you with the process.