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Anxiety can take on many forms.

Anxiety is a normal response to stressful situations that cause fear or nervousness. Anxiety can appear at some point in everyone’s life, but those feelings are short-term and in response to a stressful situation.

Some forms of anxiety are more long-term and can impact a person mentally and physically. Most of our clients tell us about a persistent worry, a sense of doom, a chronic feeling of unease in their body, tension, or nervousness.

Sometimes, anxiety can begin in childhood, and at other times during adulthood, when a person experiences painful life events or stressful periods. Reexperiencing that event can occur when a situation triggers past experiences or stressful events.

For those experiencing persistent anxiety, therapy helps identify the underlying cause and provides suitable methods for overcoming those anxious feelings.

Our ApproachOur approach depends on your needs.

Our therapists will work with you to understand how you experience anxiety so that we can offer you the type of therapy that we know works best for your specific circumstance.

We will work closely with you to determine if a referral to a psychiatrist makes sense. Then, you will receive training in skills to decrease anxiety symptoms at home.

We use mindfulness-based techniques, breathing exercises, and other interventions to see how your thinking might be contributing to your anxiety.

We create a safe space to explore, better understand, and recover what you have lost because of anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety, we are here to help.